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Do you want to be a Direct Access Scheme (DAS) motorcycle instructors.

Are you planning to go to Cardington or failed the Cardington DAS assessment.

I provide development to prepare, pass, and become an Approved (DAS) Instructor. 

The direct access scheme (DAS) assessment will last for approximately one and a half hours.

Your assessor will provide details of the three on-road lessons on which you will be assessed. These lessons will be selected from the following:

  • how to position in normal riding and deal correctly with bends
  • all aspects of negotiating left/right turns at junctions, including, zones of vision and emerging
  • how to deal with different types of crossroads including those controlled by traffic lights
  • how to deal with town centre riding including one-way streets, pedestrian crossings and filtering in slow moving traffic
  • how to negotiate roundabouts
  • how to deal with dual carriageways, including overtaking and the effects of the weather
  • how to deal with other traffic safely when following behind and overtaking
  • moving off safely from all positions, including angle starts and how to carry out the u-turn exercise (pushing and riding)
  • how to ride in areas with a national speed limit, including country roads, with an emphasis on negotiating bends safely
  • dual carriageways, how to join and leave safely and follow behind other traffic
  • how to deal with overtaking, meeting, filtering and leaving adequate clearance to stationary vehicles
  • moving off safely, the emergency stop exercise, u-turn exercises (pushing and riding) and taking the machine on/off the stand

Your assessor will role-play the part of the trainee. You will be provided with radio equipment and each lesson will be conducted around the Bedford area. It will not be necessary to have local knowledge, as the assessor will follow a route that relates to the pre-set test you are conducting.

Each pre-set test will be fully explained to you by the assessor. During the ride you will be expected to give any instruction you feel necessary relating to the subject area and correct any riding faults that may occur. You can ask the trainee to pull up so that you can give face-to-face instruction or guidance if appropriate.

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