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For those who have recently passed a driving test, or for those who are nervous of motorways and wish to develop their motorway skills, or for those have not yet ventured out onto a motorway we offer training sessions that looks at dealing safely with all aspects of motorway driving.  

Many people don't like motorways, even after years of driving, so if you would like some help to improve both your confidence and your skills on motorways then please contact me and discuss your requirements.

The Motorway Driving Course
We offer an hourly programme that is specifically targeted at motorway driving and driver safety, and not just for young drivers. In fact, any age group or level of driving experience is welcome on board, as very few drivers have complete knowledge about motorway driving.

Elements within the familiarisation are,

Identification and use of slip roads.

Main carriageway entry procedures.

Main carriageway exit procedures.

Effective changing lane  procedures.

Joining and leaving the hard shoulder.

Space and vehicle management

Managing Large goods and passenger vehicles.

SOS telephones locations and use.

Understanding trafic signs.

Variable speed limits

Vehicle breakdown procedures.

Dealing with conflict and personal safety.

Motorway driver training take place within their home area.


Call or text: 07772 085 085

email: drivingstandard@hotmail.com

or send a message below.  

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Driving Lessons available at Grangemouth & Livingston Test Centre.

Towing Trailer courses throughout Scotland.

ADI & PDI Training available throughout Scotland.

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